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Mar. 29th, 2006 | 09:37 am
posted by: tinurix in omgzicons

I realize now that I'm the only one who ever posts icons here 'cause I'm BORED.;3 I share with you.SHARE WITH ME,FOOLS.):

Oh,and by the way.It has been called to my attention that some of you...I WON'T MENTION WHO.*coughswirlandpiecough*...have been assuming that I, Tin, talk to the screencaps that I use to make these icons. I can absolutely assure you that these are simply rumours and should be regarded as nothing more!

There may Gondorians and Kings out there,but in no way do I speak to them---their screencaps.O: In no way to I speak to their screencaps.Uh huh.XD

[7] LotR
-3 Boromir
-1 Faramir and Denethor
-1 Aragorn(Actually,it's just his hand,but shhh.O: )
-1 Aragorn and Arwen
-1 Galadriel


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